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The Confabulations

1. Engage in conversation; talk.
2. A memory error defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.
Sax Fx and Drums says it all.

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Los Cojones

Mambo wrapped in raucous, Los Cojones is a 6 piece Latin band playing some of the standards, some originals, some from left of field, but all with high energy, verve and above all, cojones!

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The sometimes savage, sometimes sweet sounds of Deep Vein Trombosis draw from the traditions of New Orleans Mardi Gras brass bands and drumming corps. In the spirit of improvistaion and urban larrikinism  Deep Vein Trombosis takes it to the streets with the mighty sousaphone plus drum kit, percussion, trumpets, saxophones, and of course trombones.  Deep Vein Trombosis plays the hits of Britney Spears to Cypress Hill, 80's pop, New Orleans second line jazz, dancehall and reggae mixed with original compositions and improvised hits. 

La mama musica 2019 Confabulation CAM01.
Roadie - Fat Freddy's Drop...DVT Version!
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The Whoopee Project


The Whoopee Project is a genre-busting progressive-polka-experimental-kozmigroov-post-funk-symphonic-hard-rock-avant-ska sonic conceptualization collective, striving to guide the listener to higher levels of consciousness through a finely distilled auditory cocktail of saxophones and drums. Frequently found serenading the gentlefolk of Sydney Rd Coburg, the Whoopee Project have also taken their brand of sonic mayhem to events including the Coburg Night Markets, and The Village At The Falls Festival, Lorne.

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The Northside Jazz Orchestra

Northside Jazz Orchestra is Melbournes brassy "wall of sound'. 13 horns supported by a spicy back line all topped off with superb vocals from Nitida Atkinson. NJO brings you original and classic big band tunes to evoke your eardrums!

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